fieldDavid Coy was born in Powell, Wyoming east of Yellowstone National Park, between the Beartooth and Big Horn Mountains. His childhood was spent on a farm at the base of Polecat Bench. For a time he was a forestry aide in Shoshone National Forest, going to college in Laramie at the end of each summer, majoring in English literature. His poetry captures his rural experiences and goes beyond them.

In 1976, he and his wife moved to the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas. For a few years, Coy operated a water treatment plant for the city of Springdale. He quit this job to return to school. Upon his graduation, the whole family, now including two children, moved to Springfield, Missouri. From there, 1987, they moved to Yuma.

In 1989, his kidney failed and his sister Sandra gave him one of hers. He has been living with her kidney for over twenty years. She died of leukemia March 12, 2000.

Coy holds a BA degree in English literature from the University of Wyoming and an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville. His graduate achievements there included two Intro awards and an Academy of American Poets prize. Afterwards, he taught at Southwest Missouri University for five years, then at Arizona Western College in Yuma where he directed the creative writing program for eighteen years and was editor of the literary magazine, Colorado Crossing. He is now professor emeritus of English and creative writing.

In 1995, he participated in the White River Writers Workshop and studied with Ted Kooser. In 1997, he won a head to head haiku contest at the Ashville Poetry Festival. He has been featured as a Southwest Border Writer in the Southwest Border Writer's series. He has other accomplishments as well that will be listed more fully later, including a commissioned poem celebrating Yuma that was set to choral music composed by Carl Posch, also an art gallery exhibition called “Minnows” displaying a collection of short poems enhanced by the typography of Sam Robinson. Furthermore, over the years, he has performed his poetry.

His work has appeared in Antioch Review, Poetry Now, The Spoon River Quarterly, Slant, Colorado North Review, Widener Review, Moon City Review, Gulfstreaming, Poetry in Performance, The Village Idiot, Black Bear Review, Yuma Sun, and other places, as well as in these anthologies: Plainsong, Manifest West: Eccentricities of Geography by Western Press Books; and La Llorona by Beatlick Press.