Rural News

news Description: These are my early poems. I have very few of these books left. They were made by Joe Singer using Darlene, his Multilith 1261 offset duplicator. When he died, his sister sent me a box of empty covers. I am considering having more books printed and giving some of the money to charity in his memory. Many of these poems connect with my experiences growing up on a farm. We did not have running water and used a coal stove for heating the house. This was in Wyoming where the snowdrifts pile high in wintertime.

Press: Mother of Ashes Press.
Editor: Joe Singer
Date of Publication: 1991
Place: Coeur d’Alene, Idaho
Length: 39 poems
Price: $8.95+ shipping costs


Lean Creatures

creatures Description: Many of these poems were composed while I taught in what is now called Southwest Missouri University but also during the first two years of my teaching at Arizona Western College. I performed “Homestead on Polecat Bench” and “The Dead” to a packed audience at the ASU Music Theatre in a Showcase of Arizona Writers at the Associated Writing Programs’ 1994 meeting in Tempe, Arizona. The poems in this book were written at a turbulent time in my life when I experienced both a kidney transplant and a divorce. The love poems range from blissful to cynical.

Press: Church of the Head Press
Editor: Jim Jones
Date of Publication: 1994
Place: Springfield, Missouri
Length: 42 poems
Price: $10.95 + shipping costs


Down Time to Tombstone

Downtime in Tombstone Description: This is a joint venture I took with David Tammer. His poems occupy half the book and mine occupy the other half. My poems range in topics and vary in style, including some occasional magical realism. His poems are unique and thoughtfully crafted. Some are surreal. The book is unique and well crafted.

Press: Beatlick Press
Press Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico
Editors: David Tammer and David Coy
Date of Publication: 2012
Place of Printing: USA
Length: 28 Tammer poems, 34 Coy poems
Price: $12.95+ shipping costs


Future Books:

I have three unpublished books I am hoping to get into print during the next couple of years. I am not going to reveal their titles now because I don’t want them used by someone else.